Mediation, Relational & Family Services Specialist

Amy is an educator who has been working with families, parents, children, and adolescents since 1996. She is a social science researcher, family advocate, parenting and couples’ advisor, Guardian ad Litem, and mediator. Currently, she is completing a graduate research project on a "Self-Determining Cognitive Model" (SDCM) of conflict engagement that utilizes attachment theory, neuroscience, and game theory as educational tools for clients to go into the prefontal cortex and then get into better alignment with the behaviors and needs that drive their conflict. She is also a somatic practitioner in human sexuality, has two 200-hour yoga certifications, and does trauma-informed yoga and somatic practice. 


Ms. Baker is passionate about providing support to couples and families in conflict because of her basic belief that the health of couples' and families' lives is crucial to public and global health issues. Amy's background is in communication, human development (with a specialty in child and neural development), motivation theory, dispute dialogue and conflict resolution, and family mediation.

To that end, Ms. Baker believes it is vital to the fields of family law and mental health that parties be educated in ways to practice better communication, better self-love, better partnering, better parenting. "Know thyself" is fundamental to conflict reduction, both within the marriage or partnership and without, and it is especially important during and after dissolution when figuring out the best ways to co-parent.

Coming together at the outset to choose a parenting plan mediator, parenting plan evaluator, or even a guardian ad litem provides a level of self-determination not afforded by having the court choose one for the parties.

Family & Marital Mediation

Ms. Baker is an advanced mediator and has completed advanced training for mediation certification through both the King County Dispute Resolution Center as well as the University of Washington School of Law and the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine. She has been involved with both the Seattle Chamber of Commerce's Dialogues on Race and the Seattle Police Department’s advisory council to work on racial justice, conflict de-escalation and empathy training, and city-wide youth programs, working extensively with youth gangs and on police-youth relations. She follows the guidelines for ethics of her membership organizations (WMA, APFM, AASECT, SSEA, WA-IMH).

Amy has worked with a variety of clients since 1996 as a child and family advocate, guardian ad litem, relational consultant, and as a consultant contracted by several area school districts to work within low-performing schools. She has worked as both a Title 11 and Title 13 CASA and has a strong commitment to providing sliding fees for 30% of her clients who meet low-income criteria.

Since opening her doors for business back in 2000, Ms. Baker has been associated with a high level of quality and professionalism. With the advent of The D-I-V Design Agency in 2016, that concerted effort to deepen connections within the Seattle community and to improve the personalized services we provide will continue.



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