Fees, Booking, & Cancellations


Hourly Rate: $225


Dissolutions are booked out in four-hour increments at a rate of $800. Additional hours are billed at $225/hr.

Parent-Adolescent and Sibling mediations are booked out for 2.0 hours at a rate of $450. 

(50-50% split between parents and children for Parent-Adolescent. Minors are comped for Parent-Adolescent mediations.)

Re-Negotiating the Vows Mediations are
2.0 hours at a rate of $225/hr. or 6 hours for $1100.

Should any mediation go longer than the booked time, our hourly rate is billed in 15-minute increments, rounded up after 6 minutes into the next quarter-hour. 


Parenting Plan facilitation, advocacy through marital or intimate partnership dissolution, and Parenting Coordination services are billed at a rate of $225 per hour. Parenting Evaluations, Parenting Coordination, and Guardian ad Litem work require a retainer of $4500 and notification is given once there is only eight (8) hours left.


Mediations and Individual Couple, Sibling, and Family Sessions:
Payment for 50% of the time scheduled is made at the time of booking, and the balance is due prior to beginning each mediation session. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the parties split the cost of mediation 50-50.

Parenting Series:
Payment in full is required to register for each series.

Family Advocacy Services:
A retainer for a minimum of 20 hours is required and is split between the parties unless otherwise agreed in writing. An assessment of the complexity of each case will be made upon return of the intake forms and may require a higher retainer. An accounting of all hours will be given to parties once the report is completed and any funds not used will be refunded. If there are additional hours to be billed, these will become due and payable before the report is released to the parties.

Cash, Credit, or Debit Cards accepted.


All services at The D-I-V Design Agency require the completion of an intake packet. If you are interested in our family and relational services, please request an Intake Questionnaire and Agreements.


A limited number of sessions per month are reserved for families and couples needing financial assistance. Email for more information.


Classes & Support

$200 per family

8-week blocks


  • Newborn Series: Infants are 0 - 3 months at start

  • Toddlers & Early Childhood: 18 - 36 months.

  • First Siblings: One parent and infant. 

  • Adolescent Parenting Support: 6-8 families. Evening groups.

To get on the wait list for a group, please send a request via our Contact page. Rolling enrollment. Minimum six participants to form a group. 


Teen Talk

$450 for 12 sessions

Age 12-14 years, or 15-18 years. 5-6 students each group. Strictly held confidentiality. 1.5 hours every other week. Six-month commitment. 

To get on the wait list for a group, please send a request via our Contact page. Rolling enrollment. Minimum five participants to form a group. Time to be mutually determined amongst participants and group leader.


Office Consultation

$225 per 50-minute hour

In-Home Observation

$225 per hour in City of Seattle
$50 travel fee to Seattle Metropolitan area (Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, Renton, Shoreline)
$75/hr. travel fee > 15 miles from downtown Seattle



  • Learning Issues & IEPs

  • Child Development & Typical Development Curves

  • ACES and Early Toxic Environments


Getting the love you want requires vulnerability and receptiveness to reflection. We can work with you to get the love and intimacy you want.

Relationship & Intimacy consulting is $225 per 50-minute hour. Contact
The Pleasure Principal, our intimacy and educational arm of D-I-V Design Agency,  for an intake survey and to book a consultation.


Mediation sessions cancelled or rescheduled within one week of the scheduled booked session forfeit 50% of their deposit.

Individual sessions require 48 hours' notice to cancel or reschedule or deposit is forfeited.

Enrollment in Parenting Series is non-refundable except in rare and extenuating circumstances.

No-shows are billed at 100% except in rare and extenuating circumstances.



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