Each individual is going to experience shifts along the lifespan, so it is inevitable that an intimate partnership is going to also shift. An intimate relationship is an organic entity of its own that requires tending, weeding, re-mapping, re-planting, and fertilization. The soil needs to be turned or replaced. In viticulture, whole lots of grapevines have to be torn out and replaced to ensure healthy, juicy crops. This can be stressful to partners.


DIV Design Agency helps couples identify the underlying needs in themselves and each other, and respond to those needs in a new way. With skillful agility, conversations happen in a way that is most appropriate to the needs and desires of the people who use our services. In this way, each family member involved self-determines the outcomes.


It may seem easy to dismantle a relationship, but it is far more rewarding to successfully learn how to be in one and how to learn one another, even after the initial bloom has waned. After the honeymoon phase, couples can find themselves in less than “happily ever after” and think that something is wrong. This is the part of the story where intimacy and relationship are developed, and these are the parts that are left out of romantic movies. Couples Mediation is direct, action-based, and is focused on three components: each participant in the relationship, as well as the relationship itself. Our clients identify problems and talk to each other about creative solutions, and decide how to develop and grow together.

D-I-V Design Agency is committed to families, parent education, relational problem-solving skills, and conflict resolution. Amy Baker provides highly ethical service with integrity, recognizing the dignity and worth of each individual.

With over 20 years of child development, family advocacy, guardian ad litem work, and mediation experience, Amy's attention to detail and ability to create community, even amongst parties in conflict, leave clients with resolution, often with lines of communication better understood and with greater empathy.



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