Getting the love you want, starting with yourself

Love comes first from within

Change how you feel about yourself and learn how to have a healthy relationship and the self love your life needs.


Relationships can be hard. Long relationships even more. Distancing, less communication, maybe the bedsheets have grown colder over time. 

Don’t worry. I’ve been there, and I can help you.

Modern therapy can help you.

The last 40 years have seen unprecedented tumult in relationships, everyone goes through it, and perhaps you’re going through it now? Maybe you start down a road of helplessness ”Oh, no! I don’t know what to do!” and drive away those you love?

Maybe you think the passion is gone. Maybe you think you are not good enough.

It's time to regain control over your life and rediscover yourself, to find your confidence and happiness and learn how to fix your relationship. Love starts first from within, and I can teach you how to change the way you perceive yourself and bring new fire and self love to your life.

My new Self love e-book, “Doing ‘Us’, Maintaining Self and Other using the Attachment System and Polarity Lenses” brings to the table many of the questions people have about love and self care, and gingerly answers all of them. Taking care of every important topic about how to have a healthy relationship:

  • Personal Accountability & Faith. The first step to relationship repair is to take responsibility for your actions and believe in your self worth.

  • Self-Respect & Self-Compassion. Because to regain other’s trust, and learn to be compassionate, you need to start respecting yourself.

  • Judiciousness & Kindness in mate selection. Learning how to bring these two into action when choosing what you want it's part of understanding yourself better.

  • Attachment, Relationship, Caregiving & Sex. It's important to learn how to communicate what you want and also how to understand your partner’s needs.

But, how do you get the love you want?

Love first comes from within.When Love comes from within, we demonstrate and model how we want to be loved. 

When Love comes from within, we emanate a frequency that others who love themselves recognize. We call the Love we want to us.

When we seek to Love ourselves through another’s fascination, infatuation, or bolstering of our esteem or Ego state, our Void of self-love never fills. How can it? We are not grounded to ourselves or our worth. 

We call to ourselves the Love we think we want without a true understanding of what it means to be loved, especially if we didn’t learn it in our homes growing up. We must learn how to love the self to become our Higher Self.

So sit back, relax, and come talk with me:

Amy Baker is a professional family mediator, interpersonal relationships educator and couples therapy expert, specialized in mediation services, who has been working with families, parents, children, and adolescents since 1996. Founder of the D-I-V Design Agency, a professional mediation and family advocacy company, in 2015, and The Pleasure Principal in 2017, she is a social science researcher, family advocate, parenting and couples’ advisor, Guardian ad Litem, and mediator.


Currently, she is completing a graduate research project on a "Self-Determining Cognitive Model" (SDCM) of conflict engagement that utilizes attachment theory, neuroscience, and game theory as educational tools for clients to go into the prefrontal cortex and then get into better alignment with the behaviors and needs that drive their conflict.



Get out of your funk with this book! It's the PERFECT book to help boost yourself up and recognize your worth. My husband was intrigued when I told him I was reading this but it is honestly life changing and something I highly recommend to anyone who is going through a funk!

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This book helped me and my partner during a difficult time in my life. It’s easy to read and very informative. I’m just starting to read through it again to make sure I’ve fully absorbed the advice given. I would also buy it as an audio book if it was available.


I loved the book as soon as I started, it's a very easy read and you feel comfortable and confident from the start. Amy Baker really does make you feel you're not alone in these issues by bringing in her experience working with couples.

"Be-ing" is the simple act of existing as our own nature or essence. It is a spiritual principle. It is presence. It is rooted and grounded. It is the act, simply, of living the now, as ourself, and in acceptance of ourself. 

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