Using the 12 components that every relationship needs to deepen intimacy and promote higher subjective well-being.

Our new Getting It On series combines the latest research on cognition in self-determination, social conflict, and didactic learning so that individuals and couples are able to implement growth and change in their lives. We do this by lowering conflict, helping you develop a dialectic for conflict, and learning the 12 components necessary to deepen intimacy in relationship and promote higher subjective well-being.

We have tracks for couples and individuals wishing to implement a change model through cognitive behavioral and self-determination theories. 

Until February 4, 2019, we are accepting 12 couples and 12 individuals at 60% off the advertised rate while we collect results for a study. Please see our ad promotion at the Washington Mediation Association.



Saturday, February 17

8:30 - 11:30 a.m.

This is for couples planning a family or who are already pregnant. In it, we discuss Child Development, what to expect when expecting, and relational aspects to consider for your primary relationship.

Like Whitney, we believe children are our future. Understanding children's development helps to inform adults on how best to scaffold children's development, so really, learning about children and human development is a public health good aimed at benefitting those who have them, interact with them, and advocate for them, as well as to educate parents and these people who work with children so that they might understand their own interactions with children and motivations behind their own actions and attitudes toward, with, and about them.

Equally weighted, but not given much status culturally, is the primacy of the intimate relationship in which the child is desired and comes to be. This course is about relationship between parents, things that come up, and ways to protect and safeguard the nucleus of the family while also fostering growth and nurturing interdependence with children.

Not to be missed for those thinking about having children and definitely for those with one on the way or already here! #ReadySet under Booking tab.


Relationship, Brain Research,
Technology, & Conflict


D-I-V Design Agency founder develops SDCMM, a new mediation model

In line with self-determination theory, game theory, and motivation theory, as well as social conflict theory, we have created a new model of mediation called the Self-Determined Cognitive Model of Mediation (SDCMM) and have overlaid that with the traditional forms of facilitative, narrative, and transformative models we have been using.


In addition to helping couples and families sift through conflict, communication styles, and individual wants and needs, we have added the assumption that individuals might need a language from which all parties can coordinate to implement a change.


When everyone thinks they are right, no one is left willing to have an open dialogue. If everyone thinks their needs are at the type of a hierarchy, no one else’s needs become a necessary component to that individual’s needs assessment. Our SDCMM is built on relationships and the need for people in relationship with one another to have an investment in one another’s happiness and individual fulfillment. Otherwise, the outcome is merely "compromise" and that does not facilitate better relationships.

Grounded in 20 years of research and practical face-to-face interaction with couples and families, we decided to try a new approach: teaching individuals, couples, and families the soft skills necessary to advocate for themselves.


Educated coaches in the fields
of tantra, sacred sexuality, and healing

Sacred Eros serves tantra teachers, sacred intimates, sexual healers and shamans, sacred sex guides, surrogates, intimacy coaches, sexological bodyworkers and pleasure artists, women, men, transgendered persons and couples.

Unlike sites that promote escorting and entertaining, Sacred Eros is for practitioners of sacred sexual healing. Their visitors are looking for an opportunity to learn, to discover, to go deeper into themselves. They are looking for guidance and erotic skills. They want to know how you can benefit them. They want to see you as an authority and a person they can trust. If a practitioner's  best selling point is the size of a body part (or pair of them), they are in the wrong website. Likewise, if you came for that type of transaction, you won't find it there. 

Check out Sacred Eros for your sex coaching and intimacy-skills-building needs.


The Camaraderie of Men
and the Cult of Masculinity

Tuesdays, 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

Weekly coffee klatszch of fathers with children under the age of 2 beginning in January. This is your opportunity to learn something about yourself, others, and the culture in which you currently parent. 

Email for more information.


Winter 2018

Getting It On Series, Self-Determination Cognitive Model of Mediation,
Making Love Personal, Parent-Teen Talks



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