What We Do

Developing Dialogue

Mediation involves hearing another person. We work with couples in relationship and couples who are dissolving relationship. We work with families who need a little help navigating a problem, siblings who rival, and parents and teens. What drives the session is our clients' desire to self-determine and to be engaged in the project of conflict resolution, with our skilled staff on hand to help stay productive.

Expert Service

Parents of children of all ages need support, and we are here for you! We work with couples deciding whether to start a family, families with baby on the way, parents of newborns and teens, new siblings and family dynamics.
We also do parenting plans, parenting evaluations, and act on behalf of the child(ren) as a guardian ad litem when families need help.

We can help you design and modify parenting plans, do pre-emptive and cooperative parenting evaluations, and act on behalf of the child(ren) as a guardian ad litem when families need help.


We also do in-home consultations, during which we observe your child in action and your parenting in action, and help you design a behavior plan for you so that you can bonsai your babes in a way that maximizes your children's growth.

Self-reflection that gets you the love you want

Update your relational and intimate toolbox with skills of embodiment and mindfulness, boundary identification and communication, balancing individuation and attachment, and awareness of emotional triggers and how to understand these in order to be vulnerable--both in your relationships and with yourself.

Understanding your offspring,
understand yourself

We offer parent consultation that includes understanding and awareness of developmental stages in human development--not just for your child but for you as well. Understanding the biology and psychology and neural development behind your child's actions and behaviors give you an opportunity to react from your frontal cortex and help guide your offspring into healthy adulthood.

We offer individual consultations and ongoing consultations, in your home, our office, or over the phone, FaceTime or Skype. 



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